Doctor Comments

    Composite of Responses from Task Force Doctors

*   Absolutely  must get away from commercial  insurers  with
myriad forms and procedures

*   Results-oriented,   assessors,  managed  care,  generally
accepted medical procedures have merit;  and should be
developed and refined

*   Only a market-driven system stands a chance of  long-term
survival (capitalism vs. socialism, especially commun-
istic socialism)

*   State and federal governments should not be involved  in
medical services

*   Competition in medicine is really quite localized,  i.e.,
patients rarely travel more than 15 miles for treatment

*   Malpractice  threat  leads  through  fear  to  defensive
medicine,  which  leads  to increased  doctor’s  fees,
which leads to huge medical costs.
(America most litigious country in the world)

*   Need to curb abuse of medical system, and abuse of  emer-
gency room services through patient co-payments

*   Need to address current medical system problems to  bring
the  joy  of  practicing medicine  back,  as  well  as
recruiting more students to medical and nursing schools.


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