(The Koran)

[Text  by Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall;  published by the  Muslim
World League – Rabita, Mecca, Saudi Arabia]

Surah  II   recaps “Allah’s” history with Adam and Eve and  Satan
thru Jesus.

Surah II:  62  “Lo! those who believe (in that which was revealed
unto thee, Muhammad), and those who are Jews, and
Christians,  and  Sabaeans (Southwest Arabia) –whoever believeth  in
Allah  and the Last Day and doth right — surely their reward  is
with their Lord,  and there shall no fear come upon them  neither
shall they grieve.”

81   “Nay,  but  whosoever hath done evil  and  his  sin
surroundeth him,  such are rightful owners of the Fire; they will
abide therein.”

85  “on the day of Resurrection”

105   “Allah chooseth for His mercy whom He will”   (pre-

120   “And  the Jews will not be pleased with  thee,  nor
will the Christians, till thou follow their creed.  Say:  Lo! the
guidance of Allah is Guidance.  And if thou shouldst follow their
desires  after  the knowledge which hath  come  unto  thee,  then
wouldst thou have from Allah no protecting friend nor helper”

121  “Those unto whom We have given the Scripture”

144   “so  turn thy face toward the Inviolable  Place  of
Worship”  ( the Ka’bah at Mecca)

154   “And  call  not those who are slain in the  way  of
Allah dead:  nay, they are living, only ye perceive not.

[Koran revealed in the month of Ramadan]

190   “Fight in the way of Allah against those who  fight
against you,  but begin not hostilities.   Lo!   Allah loveth not

200  “But of mankind is he who saith:  `Our  Lord!   give
unto us in the world,’ and he hath no portion in the Hereafter.”

228  “Men are a degree above them”  (women)

253  “the Holy Spirit”  (the angel Gabriel)

275  “They say:   Trade is just like usury; whereas Allah
permitteth trading and forbiddeth usury

Surah III:3  “He hath revealed unto thee (Muhammad) the Scripture
with truth,  confirming that which was (revealed) before it, even
as He revealed the Torah and the Gospel:”

Surah IV:34  “men are in charge of women,  because Allah both made
the  one  of them to excel the other,  and because they spend  of
their property (for the support of women)”

[ Al-Islam means “the Surrender to Allah”]

Surah  V:51   “O  ye who believe!   Take not  the  Jews  and  the
Christians for friends”

69  “Lo!  those who believe, and those who are Jews, and
Sabaeans,  and  Christians– whosoever believeth in Allah and the
Last  Day  and doth right– there shall no fear  come  upon  them
neither shall they grieve.”

72  “They surely disbelieve who say:   Lo!  Allah is the
Messiah, son of Mary.  The Messiah (himself) said:  O Children of
Israel,  worship  Allah,  my  Lord and  your  Lord.   Lo!   whoso
ascribeth  partners  unto  Allah,  for him Allah  hath  forbidden
Paradise.  His abode is the Fire.  for evildoers there will be no

[ Mohammed formed a theocratic state at Medina.]

Surah  XIII:22-23  “Theirs will be the sequel of  the  (heavenly)
Home, Gardens of Eden which they enter”

35  “Underneath it rivers flow;  its food is everlasting,
and its shade”

Surah XVI:102  “The Holy Spirit” (the angel Gabriel)

Surah  XVII:1  “Glorified be He Who carried His servant by  night
from  the  Invisible Place of Worship (Mecca) to the far  Distant
Place of Worship (Jerusalem)

[ First  Hijrah =  first  year  of  Prophet’s  mission;  some
converts  went  to  Abyssina,  a  Christian  country,  to  escape
persection from the pagan Meccans.]

Surah  XVIII:31   “Theirs  will be the Garden  of  Eden,  wherein
rivers flow beneath them;  therein they will be given amulets  of
gold   and  will  wear  green  robes  of  finest  silk  and  gold
embroidery, reclining upon thrones therein.”

Surah XIX:54  “And make mention in the Scripture of Ishmael.  Lo!
He  was  a  keeper of His promise,  and He was  a  messenger  (of
Allah), a Prophet.”

Surah  XIX:62  “They hear therein no idle talk,  but only  peace!
and therein”

[Mohammed   wrote  the  Koran  to  proselytize  the   Arabian
idolaters  in  Mecca  and  elsewhere that  the  One  God  of  the
Israelites and Christians was the True God,  Allah, and was to be
worshiped and His tenets followed.]

88   “And  they say:   The Beneficent  hath  taken  unto
Himself a son.”

89  “Assuredly ye utter a disasterous thing”

[Koran–Proof of God in creation]

Surah  XVI:91   “And she who was chaste,  therefore we  breathed
into  her  (something) of Our spirit and made her and her  son  a
token for (all) peoples.”

Surah  XVII:17  “Lo!  those who believe  (this  Revelation),  and
those  who are Jews,  and the Sabaeans and the Christians and the
Magians and the idolaters–Lo!  Allah will decide between them on
the Day of Resurrection.  Lo!  Allah is witness over all things.”

Surah  XXIV:3  “The adulterer shall not marry save an  adulteress
or  an  idolatress,  and the adulteress none shall marry  save  an
adulterer or an idolater.  All that is forbidden to believers.”

4   “And those who accuse honorable women but  bring
not four witnesses,  scourge them (with) eighty stripes and never
(afterward) accept their testimony–They indeed are evil-doers–“

Surah  XXVIII:4  “Lo!   Pharaoh exalted himself in the earth  and
made its people castes.”

51  “And now verily We have caused the word to reach
them, that haply they may give heed.”

52   “Those unto whom We gave the  Scripture  before
it, they believe in it.”

53  “And when it is recited unto them, they say:  We
believe in it.   Lo!  it is the Truth from our Lord.   Lo!   even
before it we were of those who surrender (unto Him).”

54   “These  will be given their reward twice  over,
because they are steadfast and good,  and spend of that wherewith
We have provided them.”

Surah  XXIX:64   “This life of the world is but a pastime  and  a

(Shakespeare:   “All  the world’s a stage,  and we  are  but
players in it.”)

Surah  XXX:39  “That which ye give in usury in order that it  may
increase  on  (other)  people’s property hath  no  increase  with
Allah;  but that ye give in charity, seeking Allah’s countenance,
hath increase manifold.”

Surah  XXX:59  “Thus doth Allah seal the hearts of those who know

Surah  XXXI:19  “Be modest in thy bearing and subdue  thy  voice.
Lo!  the harshest of all voices is the voice of an ass.”

Surah XXXIII:28  “O Prophet!   Say unto thy wives:   If ye desire
the world’s life and its adornment, come!  I will content you and
will release you with a fair release.”

Surah  XXXIII:40   “Mohammed is not the father of any  man  among

50  “O Prophet!  Lo!  we have made lawful unto thee
thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom
thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee  as
spoils  of war,  and the daughters of thine uncle on the father’s
side and the daughters of thine aunts on the father’s  side,  and
the  daughters  of  thine  uncles on the mother’s  side  and  the
daughters of thine aunts on the mother’s side who emigrated  with
thee,  and a believing woman if she give herself unto the Prophet
and  the  Prophet desire to ask her in marriage–a privilege  for
thee only, not for the (rest of) the believers–“

59  “O Prophet!  Tell thy wives and thy daughters.”

Surah XXXV:1  “Who appointeth the angels messengers having  wings
two, three and four.”

22   “Lo!    Allah  maketh  whom  He  will  to  hear.”

Surah  XXXVI:55   “Lo!   those  who merit Paradise this  day  are
happily employed,”

56   “They and their wives,  in pleasant  shade,  on
thrones reclining;”

Surah XXXVII:43  “In the Gardens of delight,”

44  “On couches facing one another;”

45   “A cup from a gushing spring is  brought  round
for them,”

46  “White, delicious to the drinkers,”

47   “Wherein there is no headache nor are they made
mad thereby.”

113   “And We blessed him and Isaac.   And  of  their
seed   are  some  who  do  good,   and  some  who  plainly  wrong

Surah XXXIX:20  “But those in rivers flow.”

[Jesus “In my house are many mansions.”]

(68-75   Description   of  the   Judgement   like   in

68  “And the Trumpet is blown,  and all who are in the
heavens  and the earth swoon away,  save him whom Allah  willeth.
Then  it  is  blown  a second  time,  and  behold  them  standing

69  “And the earth shineth with the light of her Lord,
and  the book is set up,  and the Prophets and the witnesses  are
brought,  and it is judged between them with truth,  and they are
not wronged.”

70   “And  each soul is paid in full for what  it  did.
And he is best Aware of what they do.”

71   “And those who disbelieve are driven unto hell in
troops  till,  when  they  reach  it and the  gates  thereof  are
opened,  and the warders thereof say unto them:   Came there  not
unto   you  messengers  of  your  own,   reciting  unto  you  the
revelations  of your Lord and warning you of the meeting of  this
your  Day?   they say:   Yea,  verily,  But the word of doom  for
disbelievers is fulfilled.”

72   “It is said (unto them):   Enter ye the gates  of
hell to dwell therein.   Thus hapless is the journey’s end of the

73   “And those who keep their duty to their Lord  are
driven unto the Garden in troops till,  when they reach  it,  and
the  gates thereof are opened,  and the warders thereof say  unto
them:  Peace be unto you!  Ye are good, so enter ye (the Garden of
delight), to dwell therein:”

74  “They say:  Praise be to Allah, Who hath fulfilled
His promise unto us and hath made us inherit the land, sojourning
in  the  Garden  where  we will!   So bounteous is  the  wage  of

75  “And thou (O Mohammed) seest the angels  thronging
round  the Throne,  hymning the praises of their Lord.   And they
are judged aright.  And it is said:  Praise be to Allah, the Lord
of the Worlds!”

Surah  XLI:34   “The good deed and the evil deed are  not  alike.
Repel  the  evil deed with one which is  better,  then  lo!   he,
between whom and thee there was enmity, (will become) as though he
as a bosom friend.”

Surah XLII:7   “And thus We have inspired in thee a Lecture(2) in
Arabic, that thou mayest warn the mother-town(3)
( footnotes  2)  Ar. Qur’an
3)  i.e. Mecca)

Surah  XLIII:57   “And  when  the son of Mary  is  quoted  as  an
example, behold!  the folk laugh out!”

59   “He  is  nothing  but a  slave(1)  on  whom  We
bestowed  favour,  and We made him a pattern for the Children  of

(footnote  1)  Abd Allah,  “slave of God”  is  a  proud
designation   with  the  Muslims,   bondage  to  Allah   implying
liberation from all earthly servitudes.)

Surah  XLIII:64  “Lo!   Allah,  He is my Lord and your Lord.   So
worship Him.  This is a right path.”

71   “Therein  are brought round for them  trays  of
gold and goblets,  and therein is all that souls desire and  eyes
find sweet.  And ye are immortal therein.”

73   “Therein  for you is fruit in plenty whence  to
eat.”  (Islam’s paradise is a banquet)

Surah  XLIV:17  “And verily We tried before them Pharaoh’s  folk,
when there came unto them a noble messenger,”

18  “Saying:  Give up to me the slaves of Allah.  Lo!
I am a faithful messenger unto you.”
(the Children of Israel)

54   “And We shall wed them unto fair ones with  wide
lovely eyes.”

Surah XLVI:12  “When before it there was the Scripture of  Moses,
an example and a mercy;  and this is a confirming of Scripture in
the Arabic language,”

Surah  XLVII:15  “A similitude of the Garden which those who keep
their duty (to Allah) are promised:   Therein are rivers of water
unpolluted,  and rivers of milk whereof the flavour changeth not,
and rivers of wine delicious to drinkers, and rivers of clear-run
honey;  therein for them is every kind of fruit, with pardon from
their  Lord.   (Are those who enjoy all this) like those who  are
immortal in the Fire and are given boiling water to drink so  that
it teareth their bowels?”

36   “The  life  of the world is but a sport  and  a
pastime.  And if ye believe and ward off (evil), He will give you
your wages, and will not ask of you your worldly wealth.”

Surah XLVIII:16  “Say unto those of the wandering Arabs who  were
left behind:  Ye will be called against a folk of mighty prowess,
to  fight them until they surrender;  and if ye obey,  Allah will
give you a fair reward;  but if ye turn away as ye did turn  away
before, He will punish you with a painful doom.”

19   “And much booty that they will capture.   Allah
is ever Mighty, Wise.”

(war for booty’s sake)

20    “Allah  promises  much  booty  that  ye   will

Surah  XLIX:10   “The  believers are naught else  than  brothers.
Therefore make peace between your brethren.”

Surah   LI:56   “I created the jinn and humankind only that  they
might worship Me.”

Surah   LII:17  “Lo!  those who keep their duty dwell in  gardens
and delight,”

Surah   LII:19  “(And it is said unto them):   Eat and  drink  in
health (as reward) for what ye used to do,”

Surah   LII:20   “Reclining on ranged couches.   And We wed  them
unto fair ones with wide, lovely eyes.”

Surah   LII:22  “And We provide them with fruit and meat such  as
they desire.”

Surah  LII:24  “And there go round,  waiting on them  menservants
of their own, as they were hidden pearls.”

Surah  LV:56  “Therein are those of modest gaze, whom neither man
nor jinni will have touched before them.”

Surah  LV:72  “Fair ones, close-guarded in pavillions–“

Surah  LV:73  “Which is it,  of the favours of your Lord, that ye

Surah   LV:74   “Whom  neither man nor jinni  will  have  touched
before them–“

Surah  LVI:35  “Lo!  We have created them a (new) creation”

Surah  LVI:36  “And made them virgins,”

Surah  LVI:37  “Lovers, friends,”

Surah  LVI:38  “For those on the right hand;”

Surah   LVII:26  “And We verily sent Noah and Abraham and  placed
the  Prophethood  and the Scripture among their seed,  and  among
them  there  is he who goeth right,  but many of them  are  evil-

Surah  LVII:27  “Then We caused Our messengers to follow in their
footsteps;  and We caused Jesus,  the son of Mary, to follow, and
gave  him  the Gospel,  and placed compassion and  mercy  in  the
hearts   of  those  who  followed  him.    But  monasticism  they
invented–We  ordained  it  not for  them–only  seeking  Allah’s
pleasure,  and they observed it not with right observance.  So We
give those of them who believe their reward, but many of them are

Surah  LVIII:20  “Lo!  those who oppose Allah and His  messenger;
they will be among the lowest.”

Surah   LX:12   “O Prophet!   If believing women come unto  thee,
taking  oath  of  allegiance unto thee  that  they  will  ascribe
nothing as partner unto Allah,  and will neither steal nor commit
adultery  nor kill their children,  nor produce any lie that they
have  devised between their hands and feet,  nor disobey thee  in
what  is  right,  then accept their allegiance and ask  Allah  to
forgive them.  Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”

Surah  LXI:4  “Lo!   Allah loveth those who battle for His  cause
in ranks, as if they were a solid structure.”

Surah   LXI:6   “And when Jesus son of Mary said:  O Children  of
Israel Lo!  I am the messenger of Allah unto you, confirming that
which  was (revealed) before me in the Torah,  and bringing  good
tidings  of a messenger who cometh after me,  whose name  is  the
Praised One.   Yet when he hath come unto them with clear proofs,
they say: This is mere magic.”

(The Comforter)

Surah   LXII:5  “The likeness of those who are entrusted with the
Law  of Moses,  yet apply it not,  is as the likeness of the  ass
carrying  books.

Surah  LXII:6  “Say (O Muhammad):  O ye who are Jews! If ye claim
that ye are favoured of Allah part from (all) mankind,  then long
for death if ye are truthful.”


Surah   LXIV:11   “No calamity befalleth save by  Allah’s  leave.

Surah   LXVIII:34  “Lo!  for those who keep from evil are gardens
of bliss with their Lord.”

Surah  LXVIII:35  “Shall We then treat those who have surrendered
as We treat the guilty?”

Surah  LXVIII:36  “What aileth you? How foolishly ye judge!”

Surah  LXVIII:37  “Or have ye a Scripture wherein ye learn”

Surah  LXVIII:38  “That ye shall indeed have all that ye choose?”

Surah  LXX:29  “And those who preserve their chastity”

Surah  LXX:30  “Save with their wives and those whom their  right
hands possess, for thus they are not blameworthy;”

Surah  LXXI:1  “Lo!  We sent Noah unto his people (saying):  Warn
thy people ere the painful doom come unto them.”

Surah  LXXI:2  “He said:  O my people!  Lo!  I am a plain  warner
unto you”

Surah   LXXI:25  “Because of their sins they were  drowned,  then
made  to  enter a Fire.   And they found they had no  helpers  in
place of Allah.”

Surah   LXXI:26  “And Noah said,  My Lord!  Leave not one of  the
disbelievers in the land.”

Surah   LXXIII:17  “Then how,  if ye disbelieve,  will ye protect
yourselves upon the day which will turn children grey,”

Surah  LXXIII:18  “The very heaven being then rent asunder.   His
promise is to be fulfilled.”

(Christ’s prophecies)

Surah  LXXIV:26  “Him shall I fling unto the burning.”

Surah  LXXIV:30  “Above it are nineteen.” (Angels above hell)

Surah   LXXIV:31   “We have appointed only angels to  be  wardens
of  the fire,  and their number have We made to be  a  stumbling-
block for those who disbelieve;  that those to whom the Scripture
hath  been  given  may have certainty,  and  that  believers  may
increase in faith; and that those to whom the Scripture hath been
given and believers may not doubt; and that those in whose hearts
there is disease,  and disbelievers,  may say: What meaneth Allah
by this similitude?   Thus Allah sendeth astray whom He will, and
whom He will He guideth.  None knoweth the hosts of thy Lord save
Him.  This is naught else than a Reminder unto mortals.”

[Prohpet  had  trances,  during which the Qur’an was revealed  to
him.  His first revelation was on Mt. Hira when an angel appeared
to him in a vision]

Surah  LXXIV:52   “Nay,  but  everyone of them desireth  that  he
should be given open pages (from Allah).”

Surah  LXXIV:55  “So whosoever will may heed.”

Surah   LXXIV:56   “And they will not heed unless  Allah  willeth
(it).  He is the fount of fear.  He is the fount of Mercy.”

Surah   LXXVI:2   “Lo!   We create man from a drop  of  thickened
fluid to test him; so We make him hearing, knowing.”

Surah   LXXVI:3  “Lo!   We have shown him the way whether  he  be
grateful or disbelieving.”

Surah   LXXVI:7   “(Because they perform the vow and fear  a  day
whereof the evil is wide-spreading,”

Surah  LXXVI:8  “And feed with food the needy wretch,  the orphan
and the prisoner, for love of Him,”

Surah   LXXVI:9  “(Saying):   We feed you,  for the sake of Allah
only.  We wish for no reward or thanks from you;”

Surah   LXXVI:12   “And  hath  awarded them  for  all  that  they
endured, a Garden and silk attire;”

Surah  LXXVI:13  “Reclining therein upon couches,  they will find
there neither (heat of) a sun nor bitter cold.”

Surah   LXXVI:14  “The shade thereof is close upon them  and  the
clustered fruits thereof bow down.”

Surah   LXXVI:15  “Goblets of silver are brought round for  them,
and beakers (as) of glass”

Surah   LXXVI:19  “There serve them youths of everlasting  youth,
whom, when thou seest, thou wouldst take for scattered pearls.”

Surah  LXXVI:20  “When thou seest,  thou wilt see there bliss and
high estate.”

Surah   LXXVI:21  “Their raiment will be fine green silk and gold
embroidery.  Bracelets of silver will they wear.  Their Lord will
slake their thirst with a pure drink.”

Surah  LXXVI:29  “Lo!   this is an Admonishment,  that  whosoever
will may choose a way unto his Lord.”

Surah   LXXVI:30  “Yet ye will not,  unless Allah  willeth.   Lo!
Allah is Knower, Wise.”

Surah  LXXVI:31  “He maketh whom He will to enter His mercy,  and
for evil-doers hath prepared a painful doom.”

Surah  LXXVIII:21  “Lo!  hell lurketh in ambush,”

Surah  LXXVIII:25  “Save boiling water and a paralysing cold:”

Surah  LXXVIII:31  “Lo!  for the duteous is achievement–“

Surah  LXXVIII:32  “Gardens enclosed and vineyards,”

Surah  LXXVIII:33  “And maidens for companions,”

Surah  LXXXI:1  “When the sun is overthrown,”

Surah  LXXXI:2  “And when the stars fall,”

Surah  LXXXI:3  “And when the hills are moved,”

Surah   LXXXVI:15   “Lo!   they plot and plot  (against  thee,  O

Surah  LXXXVI:16  “And I plot and plot (against them).”

Surah   XC:12   “Ah,  what will convey unto thee what the  Ascent

Surah  XC;13  “(It is) to free a slave,”

Surah  XC:14  “And to feed in the day of hunger”

Surah  XC:15  “An orphan near of kin,”

Surah  XC:16  “Or some poor wretch in misery,”

Surah  XCI:13  “And the messenger of Allah said:   It is the she-
camel of Allah, so let her drink!”

Surah  XCI:14  “But they denied him,  and they hamstrung her,  so
Allah doomed them for their sin and razed (their dwellings).”

[Prophet was a leading citizen of Mecca through marriage.”

Prophet was about 50 when he received his call and received  the
first verses of the Koran in the vision of Mt. Hira.”

Prophet lived 10 years after his call.]

Surah  XCVIII:6  “Lo!   those who disbelieve, among the People of
the  Scripture  and the idolaters,  will abide in fire  of  hell.
They are the worst of created beings.”

Surah   XCVIII:7  “(And) lo!  those who believe and do good works
are the best of created beings.”

Surah  CIII:2  “Lo!  man is in a state of loss,”

Surah   CIII:3  “Save those who believe and do  good  works,  and
exhort one another to truth exhort one another to endurance.”

Surah  CIX:1  “Say: O disbeliveers!”

Surah  CIX:2  “I worship not that which ye worship:”

Surah  CIX:3  “Nor worship ye that which I worship.”

Surah  CIX:4  “And I shall not worship that which ye worship.”

Surah  CIX:5  “Nor will ye worship that which I worship.”

Surah  CIX:6  “Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.”



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