In God We Trust

Every denomination of United States money bears the motto “In
God do we Trust.”

Norman Cousins, in his excellent book “in God we Trust” docu-
ments  the religious,  deist,  agnostic and atheistic thoughts of
the leading individual founding fathers.

But that did not motivate them to insist on the conplete sec-
ularization of every government activity on every level of feder-
al,  state  and  local governments,  nor even in their  volumious
writings to even broach the subject.

It  is obvious that to them,  and to the states,  the  first,
foremost  and only thought they had on their minds was “we  shall
not  permit nor establish a ‘Church of the United States’ at  the
federal level”.

Having said that, Congress added an “or”, denoting a new sub-
ject, i.e.

(Congress shall make no law) “prohibiting the free exercise
thereof” (religion).

And Congress has obeyed   this constitutional amendment, mod-
ified, if at all, by ratified treaties.

On the other hand,  in recent decades,  the executive and ju-
dicial branches have gone berserk in interpeting a simple English
phrase  meaning that the federal government shall not establish a
“Church of the United States” in the broadest possible manner and
as being mandatory on all levels of government.

Social engineering goals, secularization goals, judicial leg-
islating have replaced the objective meaning of the fist words of
the First Amendment.

If we were to follow the  new “interpretations” of the  First
Amendment  to their natural conclusions,  particularly the strict
interpretation  of the doctrine of the “separation of church  and
state”,   we would remove from the reverse  of the Great Seal  of
the  United States the motto in the Latin words “ANNUIT COEPTIS”,
translated “He (GOD) has smiled on our undertakings.”

We would remove the all-seeing eye of God from the reverse of
the Great Seal of the United States.

We  may have to remove the Latin words “NOVUS ORDO SECCLORUM”
from the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.

We  would  remove the Roman numeral date at the base  of  the
pyramid  “MDCCLLXXVI” from the reverse of the Great Seal  of  the
United States.

We  would  remove the Christian five-pointed stars  from  the
front of the Great Seal of the United States.
Thus we would no longer follow the teaching of Jesus to “Ren-
der  unto  Caesar the things that are Caesars (the front  of  the
Great  Seal of the United States),  and unto God the things  that
are God’s” (the reverse of the Great Seal).

Next  we  should remove from all denominations of  money  the
motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

Next  we  should remove from all governmental  buildings  and
documents  the words “Anno Domine” (sp ?) or their  abbreviation,
A.D.,  meaning “In the year of our Lord”,  and replace them  with
what?  We  can no longer use “Common Era”,  C.E.,  as the “Common
Era”  is only common to the Jews and  Christians,  and  certainly
excludes the Moslems, Chinese, etc.

We  shall remove from our monies all dates referring  to  the
A.D. or C.E. system.

Next we should remove from our courts and other public build-
ings all Jewish and Christian Bibles, all Korans and other relig-
ious  holy  books used for the taking of oaths of office  or  the
oath  before  testifying in court,  and  follow  the  politically
correct method of the Quakers to “affirm” to uphold the Constitu-
tion or to tell the truth.

We should remove from the Flag of the United States the fifty
stars,  as well as any stars,  crosses or other religious symbols
from all government flags.

We  shall  not own nor display any foreign flag with  Jewish,
Christian, Moslem or other religious symbols.

Visiting  dignataries from these countries shall supply suit-
able alternate banners to represent their country.

No military and police uniforms of rank shall have  religious
symbols such as stars.

Medals of Honor should not carry religious symbolism.

All  crosses and stars should be removed from military  ceme-
taries at home and aboard.

Next we should remove from all institutions receiving federal
monies all the above holy books from libraries and offices, etc.

The menorah should not be displayed on public property, as it
represents  the miracle of replenished oil in the  Jewish  Temple

The  ornamented evergreen tree can stay,  as this is  nothing
more  than  a Teutonic custom helping celebrate the  winter  sol-

Ditto  for the Easter bunny and Easter  eggs, Roman fertility

No  public  tax monies should be used for the broadcast  over
television or radio of any religious-based music or talking.

Moving along,  all legal names for persons,  geographic loca-
tions  such as cities and streets that have a religious origin or
connotation,  and remove them with purely secularized  names.  We
would  permit  the Roman Catholic custom for their orders that  a
person must have a secular given name, but can also have a relig-
ious name.

Congress–and  all  other  governmental  entities–should  no
longer be permitted to open with prayer, have a chaplain, nor in-
volve any deity in any manner.

All  chaplains should be removed from the armed  forces,  and
all chapels destroyed on government property.

Churches and their institutions should no longer be used  for
polling places.

Schools and other public buildings should no longer be rented
to  churches for church services or other church-related  activi-

Any  governmental activity on religious-owned property  would
be banned,  as is any religious activity on government-owned pro-
perty as at present.

Government  officials should not visit religous buildings  or
institutions, except in their official capacity on official busi-

Candidates for public office shall surely not visit religious
buildings or institutions, speak there in any capacity, and sure-
ly not solicit votes within 200 feet.

Churches  and  their  institutions should no longer  be  tax-
exempt at any governmental level.

I   am   sure  I  have  missed  some  breaches  of  the   new
interpretations  of  the  doctrine of separation  of  church  and

I  have  abiding faith in the intelligence of my  fellow  250
million Americans that they will supply them so that the  consis-
tent  application  of the separation doctrine can proceed to  its
logical and proper end.

Under the equal protection clause of the Constitution,  every
instance  or  vestige of religion in all branches and  levels  of
government should be rooted out and removed.

Having  accomplished  all this,  if the people of the  United
States are not happy with the resulting “NOVO ORDO SECLORUM”, let
them  propose  to Congress an amendment to  the  First  Amendment
clarifying their wishes.

It would appear that rather than having a tyranny of the  ma-
jority, we are living under a tyranny of a tiny minority.


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