In the beginning.

Intelligent  people have asked themselves many questions over the
millennia and continue to ask the same questions today.   Two are
1) How did life begin?  2) How did the universe begin?

In the first book of the Hebrew Bible, which is accepted by Jews,
Christians  and Muslims as authoritative,  the first verse begins
with “In the beginning”.   It then goes on to sequence the  crea-
tion of matter and life in two different ways.

Both  are  reasonably close to the sequence deduced  by  science,
particularly  when  one  realizes that Genesis was  written  4000
years ago, and modern scientific methods are only about 300 years

The table below shows the similarities and differences:

Genesis 1:1-2:3                Genesis 2:4      Science

I.    In the beginning God     Heaven & earth  Big bang,
created the heaven &                     Explosion.
the earth                                Universe still
expanding.  Created
stars, light,
planets, moons.
Created “light”, day         —-
and night


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