Compromise for Israel/Palestine

Compromise for Israel/Palestine

World Affairs Society

Over one hundred years ago, Theodor Herzl, writing in “The Jewish State”,
stated that the Jews would ask the nations of the world to “give” the Jews
a country that they could call their own.

Called “The Plan”, Herzl writes “If the Powers show themselves willing to
grant the Jewish people sovereignty over a neutral territory, the Society
will negotiate for the land to be taken.

“Is Palestine or Argentina preferable? The Society will take whatever it is

“If His Majesty the Sultan were to give us Palestine…..

“Experiments in colonization have been made in both places, (Palestine
and Argentina) although they have been based on the mistaken principle of
a gradual infiltration of Jews.

“Infiltration is also bound to end badly.

“For there invariably comes a moment when the governments, under
pressure of the native population—which feels itself threatened—bars any
further influx of Jews.

Thus, in 1897 at Basel, Switzerland, the First Zionist Congress voted to opt
for Palestine as this country. By 1919 they had enlisted England and the
United States in supporting their plans, but by 1926 Jabotinsky decided that
the Palestinians were not going to “give” their country to the Jews, and he
formed the first military force to eventually fight the Palestinians to
conquer them and form a Jewish state.

The rest is history, a history of terrorism against the Palestinians and the
British in the 30’s and 40’s, and then wars against the Palestinians and their
Arab defenders ever since.

Through it all, the Palestinians have not wavered in their steadfast refusal
to surrender their homes, farms and their country to the Jewish immigrants.

In this, they have been supported by the United Nations, which every year
reiterates its support for 194 III, the original resolution of Dec. 11, 1948,
calling for the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, or
if they choose, to be paid for them.

In addition, the United Nations has identified the property of the
Palestinians which has been confiscated, and is keeping a record of its
value and its annual income value, as called for by Resolution 394 (V) of
Dec. 14, 1950, and reaffirmed every year.

To the best of our knowledge, no people have freely given their homes
away to anybody else, and we find it inconceivable that the Palestinians will
eventually do so.

The campaign of the Jews to wrest Palestine from the Palestinians is now a
hundred years old.

It might be well to remember the campaign of the Christians of Europe to
wrest Palestine from the Arabs during the period of the Crusades.

Beginning in 1095 for six years, the First Crusade conquered Jerusalem in
1099. But by 1187, less than 90 years later, the Arabs under Saladin
permanently retook it.

The final loss of all the Christian colonies occurred by 1291, just under 200
years from the start of the Crusades.

The Israel-Palestinian conflict has now lasted nearly 100 years, with no end
in sight. If history is any guide, it is going to continue for at least another
hundred years, with no guarantee that the Israelis will emerge victorious.

How many people of all countries, how many innocent people in Israel and
Palestine, are going to suffer or be killed because of this never-ending,
bitter dispute?

Prudence would seem to dictate that both parties begin to negotiate a
compromise that will enable the Palestinian refugees to return to their
homes, in return for acceptance of the Israelis to remain in the Middle East.
Common sense would also dictate that Israel and the West bank and Gaza
be reunited into a common country, small as it would be with limited
resources and water, as a true democracy of equal citizens.

East and West Pakistan broke apart after a few years. The prognosis for a
viable independent, combined West Bank and Gaza Strip is equally grim.

Justice and equity will be served by reuniting Palestine of its severed
parts and peoples into an Israel/Palestine.

This is an outcome that everyone can live with.


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