96%  of the American people say that they believe in God.
upon  their behavior,  this is a question of just what kind of  a
God they believe in.   Obviously, there is the Judeo-Christian
that has played a prominent role in our history,  but based
that  history,  their God has been pretty much ignored.
Fathers aware of this)

Mark  Twain,  a century and a half later,  said the same thing in
his whimsical,  humorous way.  “It always sounds well – In God
Trust.   I  don’t  believe it would sound any better if  it  were
true.  If this nation has ever trusted in God, that this time has
gone by.”

Mahatma Gandhi, the “great soul” of India, and inspiration to
Rev.  Dr.  Martin  Luther King to repricate his tactics of  civil
disobedience  and non-violence,  had this to say to a
deputation  of
missionaries.   “I  would be a Christian,  if it weren’t for  the
Christians.”  Christians hymns were part of his prayer services,
and that is as
far as he went.

From  the very beginning,  the age-long drama of peoples
over land, and for the domination and sovereignty over that
pitted the colonies using every form of  deceit,  disease,
and  weaponry against America’s  indiginous population to
their  goals,  a  tactic which continues even  today,  385  years
later, to keep the American Indians down and unable to secure
just place and claims.

In  a different way,  but employing the same principles that  men

are  not  created  equal,  blacks were enslaved  and  brought
America  to work for master,  leading to a civil war between  the
north  and  the  south as the only way to  break  this  legalized

Today,  as  we  fitfully  struggle  on  myriad  fronts  to  realize
domestically  the  ideal that all men are created equal,  we  are
witness to bloody similar conflicts around the world  – Christian
killing  Christian,   Muslim  killing  Muslim,   African  killing
African,  Indian killing Indian, Ceylonese killing Ceylonese.  All
in quest
of man’s ageless desires.  Sovereignty, domination, power
over a bit
of land.  One would think that after 17,000 years of unremitting
struggles, people would be ready for a new approach.

3,000  years  ago the God of Israelites told them to  “Love  your
neighbor as yourself”.  He said, “The stranger that dwelleth
you shall be unto you as one born among you,  and thou shall
him as thyself”.  Jesus added the admonition,  “Love your
enemies,  do good to them
which hate you”.

(St. Paul [Saul] summed the Judeo-Christian teaching in
Romans 2-
14 “In Christ, there”)

Whenever  this has been tried,  in areas predominantly Quaker
Amish,  people  have lived peacefully side-by-side.   Even in  an
India  of  450  million,   the  natives  and  the  English  lived
peacefully   side-by-side  from  1914  until  India  gained  it’s
independence in 1947.

Muslims claim to believe in the same brotherhood of man,  and
as guilty as Christians in  behavior belying their  belief.   And
of  course the Middle East conflict is rooted in the behavior  of
the Zionists towards the Palestinians.

May  we suggest as the 21st century approaches that we all
take a
serious, somber look at just what we are doing to each other,
resolve to change.

(Behavior modification)

The United Nations speaks of the “North-South” conflict, and
“north”  has  a surplus of food while the  “south”  is  starving.
Certainly  we  can create a distribution system whereby  all  are

The economies of the world are in a years-long recession, nay
possible  depression.   Certainly we can adjust our capitalistic,
free enterprise system to pay the workers a living wage, to
give  the
workers purchasing power needed,  not only for the
necessities of life,  but also discretionary,  disposable income
to purchase the extra  things in life that will revitalize the
economies and  put everyone back to work.

Economics  101 states that “human wants can never be
satisfied”. Certainly  we can change the distribution of
purchasing power  to enable millions,  nay billions of people,
to purchase goods the need or want.


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