Evolution of the Kodai Alumni Bulletin

              Evolution of the K.odai A.lumni. B.ulletin


This effort to disseminate names and addresses of Kodai School Alumni has been going on
from at less 1952, when my wife Gladys and I drove to Albany, N.Y. to assist Gertrude Van
Peurson Bell, and Hans and Mary Stern, in putting out that year’s listing. Rumor had it that
Mrs. Dalton McClelland and others subsidized the cost.

Later, Don Wilder of Rochester and Kodak undertook to produce the KAB for many years.

My library has a copy of Jane Cummings’s “Kodaikanal School Alumni Directory 1981” with
the introduction “There has been significant demand for a Kodaikanal School Alumni
Directory since the last directory was printed in the Kodai  Alumni Bulletin of 1974.”

My next library entry is Bob Dudley’s yeoman effort of June, 1995 when he published a
directory of the Kodai Class years 1935-1949.

I realized the enormity of the gap when I attended the Kodai reunion in Pennsylvania this
past Labor Day, and totally missed the presence of Margaret Coleman, who I had last seen
in Kotagiri in 1942.

Since then I have been in correspondence with Jane Cummings, Bob Dudley, Sheila
________, Jerry Nichol and others, and have been apprised that many efforts are being
made to create Kodai alumni address lists, none of which are available to the alumni at

Jane Cummings pointed out that a address list, limited to certain years, was not
acceptable. She tells me that there are about 3000 names.

I read that individual classes have established their own web pages.

As I see it, in this age of globalization, we have a need to establish a database that
individual alumni can update with their name, address, telephone number and email
address as they move, which would then be accessible to all on a read only basis.

YAHOO provides the capability to record this information, and I have created an email
address “kodai 35”, password “school” to be a permanent/temporary locus to capture this

There are 2 drawbacks to this.

One, I have no idea as to the maximum number of entries YAHOO allows in an address
book, and I have no idea as to how to find out.

The second, and more serious, is that by disseminating the password “school” world-
wide, some disgruntled person could go in and wipe out the entire address list.

Thus, unless wiser heads than mine have an answer, the YAHOO email address “kodai35”,
password “school” could be available to all world-wide to capture the latest, current
information from the Kodai International School family, and some “entity” could transcribe
the new data to a database available to all on a “read only” basis.

Apparently at present, funds are being expended to do this both at Kodai and in
Washington, the U.S. to update a database available to nobody.

I have purposely put this memo in a Microsoft Word document, so that anyone anywhere
can revise it, add to it, etc.; and will give their revised copy a new name. My effort is dated


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