US Statistics


The Bush (Vannevar) Symposium, held in Washington, DC, March
18, 1991 concluded that a revival of manufacturing here is essen-
tial to the future of American science and technology.
–NYT 3/22/91

40% of personal income going to all levels of government
–Milton Friedman 12/14/88 WSJ

80% of women say they would quit their jobs if they did not
need the money. 59% of women over 20 are working.
–NYT 6/18/91

30-40 million Americans live in poverty.
–NYT 6/12/91

Consumer spending equals two-thirds of total Gross National
Product activity. First quarter of `91 at $4.12 billion GNP
rate. –NYT 6/27/91

Health care costs $600 billion in ’89; or 11.5% of the GNP.
Military spending – 5.5% of GNP. –NYT 3/3/90

One million bankruptcies in `91. –NYT 6/27/91

For the trade deficits of `80-`90, we owe Japan alone $350
–NYT 4/4/91
Trade deficit with China $10.4 billion in `90.
–NYT 3/30/91
The deficit forecast for fiscal `91-`92 is $282 billion.
For `92-`93, $348 billion. –NYT 7/16/91

This stagnant personal income means that even jobholders
cannot afford cars and homes. 71% of families under 34 cannot
afford median-priced homes where they live. The average new car
price is equal to 47% of the median annual income of American
–NYT 6/18/81

The consumer price index increased 55% between 1980 and
1990, while corporate profits increased 103%, i.e. 7% a year.
–NYT 7/5/91 (Statistical Abstract of the US)
7 million people hold a 2nd job. –NYT 7/25/91
Interest payments on the federal debt were $240.9 billion in
`89. –NYT 7/24/91
S & L bailout estimate $500 billion. –NYT 7/31/91
Business activity at 51.8%. –NYT 8/2/91
“Turkish textile quotas” –NYT 3/29/91


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