Evolution of Man

The evolutionists have argued that man has descended from animals, and have postulated a
“missing link” to cover the irreconcilable differences between the known candidates of
humanoids and apes as being the forecursor of humans.

Some of these unfathomable differences are (a) the shape of the hand of men; namely the
opposing thumb; (b) the virtually hairless skin of humans as opposed to the fur of animals; (c)
the long hair covering the top of both men’s and women’s heads; (d) the voice box producing
both language and song; (e) the enormous variety of the gene pool, creating pygmies and
giants; skin colors from white to black; hair colors from black to brown to blonde to red; eye
colors from blue to green to black to brown to hazel; (f) sex organs such as female breasts
and male penises unlike any animals.


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