Islam founded 622AD in Medina, Arabia by a political and military
leader Mohammed, the Prophet, Qur’an “to read” de facto and
finally “emperor” of Arabia.

egalitarian, non-authoritarian

duties: pray five times a day “There is no god but Allah…”
profess that: ” ” “
give a regular portion of one’s goods to charity
fast during the day in the month of Ramadan (the month
of heat)

Sunni is deterministic Follow a lunar calendar
Two million in US like the Jews

Allah is creator of the universe, omnipotent, just , merciful

Man is limited and commits sin and misled by Satan, an evil

Those who repent and sincerely submit to Allah return to a state
of sinlessness

At the end, the sinless go to Paradise, a place of physical and
spiritual pleasure, and the wicked burn in Hell

Jewish tribes living near Medina, and in north Arabia

Tradition states that per Surah LXXXV, verses 4-7, there was a
massacre of the Christians of Najran in Al-Yaman (where is that?)
by a Jewish king Dhu Nawas (part of the diaspora), which caused
an intervention of the Negus (who are they?), and led to
Abyssinian supremacy in the Yaman.

611 AD Mohammed of Mecca; who claimed descent from Abraham
Ishmael had a visit from angel Gabriel
calling on him to repudiate pagan idolatry practiced at the Kaaba
stone in Mecca. Tradition states that this temple was built by
Abraham for the worship of the “One God”, Allah.
Drawing on elements of Judaism and Christianity and
incorporating reverence for the black stone at the Kaaba shrine
in Mecca, Mohammed’s teachings were recorded in the Qur’an. the
words which came to him while he was in a trance. His words when
no physical change was apparent in him are called the Sunnah.
Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians “Peoples of the Book”

raised women to legal equality with men, made universal
brotherhood a fact and principle of common law

people judged according to their work (deeds)


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