The Evolution of Judaism

Judaism  traces its origins to the creation of the  universe
in  the  Jewish  calendar  year 3760 BCE when,  in  the  book  of
Genesis,  we read that God created man “in his own  image,
our  likeness,  male and female created he them.” We leave it  to
the scholars to determine how God can be both male and female.

The Jewish sacred book is the Bible, consisting of the Torah
— the  Pentateuch,  or Five Books of Moses — the Prophets,  and
the  writings.  In  addition,  there  is  the  Oral  and  Written
Tradition,  codified  in  the  two Tolmids  are  the  Codes,  the
logically ordered books of Tolmidic and later discussion, and the
Response,  the  written  replies of  qualified  authorities  to
questions about Jewish law.

The biblical account rapidly has the first couple capable of
knowing   good  and  evil,   with  world-wide  wickedness  nearly
universal within 1556 year, when Noah was 500 years old.

Because of this wickedness, God destroyed all living animals
and  people  in a flood except for Noah and his wife,  his  three
sons and their wives, and the animals Noah gathered into the
Thus  it follows tht all peoples and races are descended from the
family of Noah.

The  earliest mentions of man’s relationship to God are  the
account of Abel, son of Adam, the first son, bringing an offering
of the firstlings of his flock of sheep to God; Enor, grandson of
Adam,  beginning  the custom of men calling upon the name of
Lord; and Noah offering burnt animal sacrifices on an altar.

The  strange  relationship  of God  towards  the  Israelites
begins with his call to Abram,  about 2000 BCE,  to go to  Canaan
from Ur of the Chaldees to establish his seed as a “great notion”
to dwell in Canaan from the rue of Egypt to the Euphrates,  as an
everlasting possession.  Nowhere does the Bible praise Abram
as a
good man, but he is enjoined to be a “perfect man.”

God continued to favor Abraham and his descendants,  forming
a covenant with them that every man child should be
although  no requirement is made that they do anything  to  merit
this favor.

This  pattern  continues until Moses,  bringing them out  of
Egypt,  recieves the ten commandments at Sinai. At this point the
Bible  narrative  abruptly  changes,  with the  next  four  books
devoted to the commandments of God to the Israelites,  with  life
in Canaan as a reward if they obey them, and exile from Canaan if
they disobey.

Among   these  commandments  are  detailed  instructions  on
required daily animal sacrifices,  which continued in the temples
until 70 CE when the second temple was destroyed.

In  addition,  many laws and requirements are proscribed for
living,  with the stipulation that all laws will apply equally to
the Israelites and to the “strangers” that live in their midst.

Other  than  this,  the Jewish bible is totally  unconcerned
about the rest of the people living in the world.

The bible describes the woes and struggles of the Israelites
to conquer and hold on to Canaan,  their intermittent conquest
the Babylonians,  Persians, Assyrians, etc; their building of the
first Temple of Solomon.

The theological differences between Judaism and Christianity
are  well nigh irreconcilable.  The monotheism of Judaism  allows
for no concept such as the literal son of God, although in Isaiah
9:6  it  is written that the Messiah “shall be called  wonderful,
Counsellor, The mighty God.”

Having rejected Jesus as the Messiah,  Jews continue to look
for their Messiah to gather them together in Canaan, for the lion
and  the  lamb to live peacefully together,  for all  mankind  to
worship the Lord.


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