Who owns the land in Israel?

The 4 million Palestinian refugees, living in UNRWA camps on $2 a day and the 1.2 million
Arabs living in Israel.

As for the “right of return” reaffirmed by 155 member nations of the United Nations in
December, 2000 and opposed by only 2 nations – Israel and the United States – much can be
made of the fact that the Palestinians – Israeli Arabs, Palestinians in the occupied territories
and the refugees – legally own most of the land in Israel and the occupied territories.

Quoting from Map No. 94 (b) of the United Nations Presentation 574 (b) of August, 1950

Arabs own 84% of the Jerusalem District, the Jews 2%
Arabs own 99% of the Ramallah District, the Jews 1%
Arabs own 98% of the Hebron District, the Jews 1%
Arabs own 87% of the Acre District, the Jews 3%
Arabs own 87% of the Nablus District, the Jews 1%
Arabs own 84% of the Jenin District, the Jews 1%
Arabs own 78% of the Tulkarm District, the Jews 1%
Arabs own 77% of the Ramble District, the Jews 14%
Arabs own 75% of the Gaza District, the Jews 4%
Arabs own 68% of the Safad District, the Jews 15%
Arabs own 52% of the Nazareth District, the Jews 28%
Arabs own 51% of the Tiberias District, the Jews 33%
Arabs own 47% of the Jaffa District, the Jews 39%
Arabs own 44% of the Beisan District, the Jews 24%
Arabs own 42% of the Haifa District, the Jews 35%
Arabs own 15% of the Beersheba District, the Jews 1%

This truism is so obvious that the world community, through the United Nations General
Assembly (U.S. veto-proof) resolves annually as follows:

Resolution 56/69 Dec.6, 1999 (A/C.4/55/L.10, Nov. 10,2000

“Notes with regret that repatriation or compensation of the refugees, as provided for in
paragraph 11 of its resolution 194 (III) (Dec. 11,1948), has not yet been effected and that,
therefore, the situation of the refugees continues to be a matter of concern.”

Resolution 194 (III) Dec. 11,1948

“That refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should
be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date and that compensation should be paid for
the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under
principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or
authorities responsible.”

Resolution 54/74 Dec. 6,1999 (A/C.4/55/L.15, Nov. 10,2000)

“Recalling in particular its resolution 394 (V) of Dec. 14,1950, in which it directed the
Conciliation Commission, in consultation with the parties concerned, to prescribe measures for
the protection of the rights, property and interests of the Palestine Arab refugees.

“Taking note of the completion of the programme of identification and evaluation of Arab
property, as announced by the Conciliation Commission in its twenty-second progress report
and of the fact that the Land Office had a schedule of Arab owners and file of documents
defining the location, area and other particulars of Arab property.

“1. Reaffirms that the Palestine Arab refugees are entitled to their property and to the
income derived therefrom, in conformity with the principles if justice and equity”

There will be peace in the Holy Land when the Palestinians receive a modicum of justice.

73% of the American people support the Palestinian refugees “right of return” to their homes
in Israel. (Zogby Poll, The New York Times)

Would that, the good people of the Lehigh Valley will work towards this modicum.

(Advertisement in the Morning Call, Allentown, Pa. 1/23/01)


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