The Republic of Hawaii ceded its islands to the U.S. in 1898. The islands
had been discovered in 1778 by Capt. Cook of England.

King Kamemameha I ascended the throne of one of the 4 kingdoms in
1782, and succeeded in conquering all the islands by 1810.

His successor Kamehmeha II welcomed Christian missionaries and other
whites, 150 people in all, beginning in 1820. By 1842 Hawaiian independence
was recognized by the U.S., Britain and France.

However, between 1820 and 1898, the native Hawaiians and the western
white foreigners were in opposition to each other in many ways for many
reasons, which finally culminated in Hawaii being annexed by the United

110 years later, there are about a dozen groups  of native Hawaiians that
are trying to restore  self-determination for the island’s native people.

One of these, the Hawaiian Kingdom Government, occupied the Iolani
Palace grounds in Honolulu in May, 2008, and are asking for the return of
more than a million acres of land that it claims were illegally seized during
the overthrow of the monarchy in 1893.

Another 1.2 million acres of lands are being disputed. These lands were
ceded to the federal government when Hawaii was annexed by the U.S., and
passed to state control when Hawaii was admitted to the union in 1959.


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