Peace Plan



The unending violence in the Occupied Territories and Israel these days is
upsetting, but quite understandable.


Because of the pledges of the British to the Arabs in 1915 to support their quest
for independence, broken in 1918, broken by the Treaty of Lausanne, and the
violence of the Zionists against the British Mandatory Power and the indigenous
Palestinians, beginning as early as 1937, an enormous injustice has been
perpetrated against the Palestinians by the Zionists and the U.S. Government—
the confiscation of their homes and land—an action which has never been
peacefully accepted by anyone, even in those cases where “might makes right”. i.
e. the European conquest of the Americas and the West Indies, the English
conquest of Australia and New Zealand.

And even in these cases, 500 years later, the aggrieved parties are struggling in
their various court systems for a redress of their grievances concerning the loss
of their lands.

Unless there is a change of heart on the part of Israel and/or the United States,
the Middle East conflict will probably continue for another thousand years.

In 1917 the Arabs revolted against the Turks, based upon the two year
correspondence between Sharif of Mecca Husain and the British, in which the
British agreed on October 24, 1915 that “I am authorized to give you the following
pledges on behalf of the Government of Great Britain, and to reply as follows to
your note:
(1)  That, subject to the modifications stated above, Great Britain is prepared to
recognise and uphold the independence of the Arabs in all the regions lying
within the frontiers proposed by the Sharif of Mecca;”

As for the Zionists, Theodor Herzl had originated the Zionist Movement in 1896
with his book “The Jewish State”, in which he asks that the Jews be given some

“Is Palestine or Argentina preferably? The Society will take whatever it is given.”

In 1903 at Basle, the First World Zionist Congress was held, where it was decided
to obtain Palestine.

Herzl himself forecast the present day situation when he wrote “Infiltration
(settlements) is always bound to end badly”.

His remedy was “The land…must, of course, be purchased under civil law.”

Contradicting himself, he said that once given some land, the Jews were to expel
its “penniless population to the transit countries”.

Already, a semi-official secret Jewish army of the Jewish Agency was formed in
the early 1920’s, called the Palmach-Haganah, which obtained the arms they
needed from the British (Crossroads to Israel, Christopher Sykes)

By 1925, Vladimir Jacobinsky preached that the Jewish people would never
achieve statehood and independence unless they were prepared to fight for it.

To this end, he founded the Zionist-Revisionist Movement, leading to the
creation of the IRGUN, the National Military Organization, in 1937, an irregular
terrorist Jewish army. (pages 2-3, “The Revolt”, the Story of the Irgun, by
Menachem Begin, later a Prime Minister of Israel)

Returning to Theodor Herzl, he said “When the Jewish Company has been
formed, this news will be carried in a single day to the remotest ends of the earth
with the lightning speed of our telegraph wires”

Obviously, the Arabs are able to comprehend the news as well as anybody else.
And they have been resisting as best they can the conquest of their lands by the

In 1947 the United Nations, in its wisdom, recommended the Partition of
Palestine, triggering the instant warfare which has continued until this day.

At that time, the Palestinians owned the vast majority of the privately-owned land
in Palestine, by district margin ranging from 7% to 98%.

The United Nations is keeping a record of their land ownership in Israel.

The same United Nations has championed the cause of the Palestinian refugees,
yearly affirming their right to return to their homes and lands in Israel by a vote
of 155 to 2, namely Israel and the United States.

Sometime, when sane heads prevail, peace will come when justice is satisfied.


As you can notice from the attached exhibits, the Palestinians legally own 55-99%
of the Land of Israel.

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