Justice 2

Who Speaks for the Palestinians…..? Who Speaks for the
American Indian…..?

The  basic  dimension,  the  definition,  of  the  so-called
“Palestine  Question”  or “Middle East Conflict”  was  succinctly
given  in the New York Times on October 25,  1985 on page one  on
the  occasion of the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the  United
Nations  by  writer  Elaine  Sciolino who stated  that  the  Arab
delegations requested the 40th Anniversary Declaration to include
a  paragraph  calling  for “a  just,  comprehensive  and  lasting
settlement of the Middle East problem in all its aspects.”

The  United  States  submitted  a  more  general   paragraph
omitting  the  word “just”,  i.e.  “a comprehensive  and  lasting
settlement of the Middle East problem in all its aspects.”

“the  United States has consistently opposed references to a
‘just’ settlement.”

Ergo,  anyone who is opposed to injustice,  who strives  for
justice  is  on the opposite side of this issue from that of  the
United States.

Who are these people and nations who speak up for justice for
the  Palestinians?  Nearly  all  member  nations  of  the  United
Nations,  148 to 2.  The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. Most
all the main line churches,  the Orthodox churches,  the National
Council of Churches,  the Quakers, the Christian Scientists, some
Jewish and Israeli sects and organizations, Moslem Americans, the
blacks, Arab-Americans, true liberals.

This being the case, you might well ask why the conflict has
lasted   so  many  decades  and  why  successive  United   States
administrations  continue to flaunt the will of the  majority  of
its citizens on this issue.

The  answer  lies in the fact that a war was started by  the
Zionists  in  1897 at the First Zionist World  Congress  held  in
Basle,  Switzerland with the purpose of colonizing and conquering
Palestine  and  expelling  its inhabitants to make room  for  the
Zionist settlers.

It  has  been  said that the first casualty of  war  is  the
truth,  and the Zionists have been very skillful,  persistent and
pervasive on their war propaganda front.

Second,  they have spent millions of dollars over the  years
in support of presidential and congressional candidates favorable
to  their single issue cause,  and millions more to defeat  those
who opposed them,  Senators like J. William Fulbright and Charles
Percy, former chairmen of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,
and Congressmen like Paul McClosky of Calif. and Findley of Ill.

There is no question that Zionism has successfully conquered
the  federal government and media of the United States,  with the
possible exception of the Christian Science Monitor.

Resolution 194 III of December,  1948 of the United  Nations
calling  for  the  return  of the Palestinian refugees  to  their
homes  and  farms  in Israel as soon as  possible,  or  for  just
compensation–the choice is theirs–has scarce been mentioned  by
the  media for 30 years.  When King Hussein of Jordan referred to
this resolution in his speech before the United Nations September
25,  1985 the New York Times obliquely referred to “other  United
Nations resolutions” without identifying them or their contents.

The  new propaganda line is to refer only to Resolutions 242
and 338, to insist that all parties to the dispute accede to them
in  advance,  neither  one  of which addresses  the  question  of
justice for the Palestinians.

What would be a just resolution of the Palestinian Question?
King   Hussein   and  the  P.L.O.   are  pointing   the   way–an
international  conference  held  under the aegis  of  the  United
Nations  to deal with all aspects and resolutions of  the  United
Nationsover a period of 38 years.

Is this unreasonable?

The  Soviets cannot be left out of a comprehensive peace  as
Reagan would like, what with their policy of arming Syria, Iraq, Libya
and the P.L.O.

Current  United States and Israeli government policy is that
the P.L.O. is a terrorist organization and thus must change or be
barred from the peace conference table. So?

The Zionists formed their first terrorist organization,  the
Irgun,  in  1925,  with its leader Menachem Begin becoming  Prime
Minister of Israel;  and another, the J.D.L. in the United States in
1968,  with  its founder Rabbi Meir Kahane currently a member  of
the Israeli Knesset.

The  P.L.O.  was formed in 1963 after 15 years  of  pleading
before  the  bar of international justice for  implementation  of
Resolution 194.

As Prime Minister Bettino Craxi of Italy stated Nov. 6, 1985
“to  contest to a movement that wants to liberate its own country
from  a foreign occupation the legitimacy of the recourse to  arms
means to contest the laws of history.”

The media recently reported at length on the front pages and
network  television  of  the  murder  of  American  citizen  Leon
Klinghoffer by Palestinian hijackers. The New York Times reported
once, on page 5 of its Oct. 12, 1985, of the subsequent murder of
American  citizen  Alex  Odeh,  Regional Director  of  the  Arab-
American Anti-Discrimination Committee in California.  The F.B.I.
has concluded that the J.D.L. was probably responsible.

There  is  more  than  enough  blood  on  both  Israeli  and
Palestinian hands.


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