Indigenous People – American Indians

Surprisingly, the so-called “American Indian” has
never complained about being called an “Indian”,
even though the reason that the Europeans
called them that was that  Columbus was
searching for a western route to India and the
East Indies for their spices, and thought he had
reached the East Indies somewhere. The
preferred name now in 2006 is “Native American”.

Note:  turtle mountain reservation in north dakota,
leech lake reservation, northern minnesota, a
vast expanse of flat, sandy land.

In 2008 there is estimated to be 4.1 million native

The government’s centuries-old treaty obligations
towards the native Americans have been
documented by the U.S. Commission on Civil



Indians in Argentina


Charles Darwin, in his book “The Voyage of the
Beagle” written in 1845, makes a number of
references to the activities of the Argentineans at
the time of his visit to exterminate the native
Americans living there.

Beginning in Chapter IV he writes “The distance
in a straight line (from Rio Negro) to Buenos Ayres
is very nearly five hundred British miles. The
wandering tribes of horse Indians, which have
always occupied the greater part of the country,
having of late much harassed the outlying
estancias, the government at Buenos Ayres
equipped some time since an army under the
command of General Rosas for the purpose of
exterminating them”.

“When General Rosas left Buenos Ayres he struck
in a direct line across the unexplored plains; and
as the country was thus pretty well cleared of

Chapter V

“Every one here is fully convinced that this is the
most just war, because it is against barbarians.
Who would believe in this age that such atrocities
could be committed in a Christian civilized


“Since leaving South America we have heard that
this war of extermination completely


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